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S2 memories

useful resources for S2

Memories for S2
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
This community is intended to collect together memories relevant for S2 customization and other S2-related things. Anyone may post, including non-members. However, posts are moderated to keep things on topic. This means that if your post is not relevant, it will be rejected. If you know of a good tutorial or discussion which someone working on S2 might want to know, do post with a link or several. You can link directly to a comment thread if that's more useful than the main post.

S2 communities (comment to suggest more)
S2 resources that are not LJ posts (comment to suggest more)

Posts that will not be accepted:
  • promotions for rating or layout communities and similar. A link to a relevant S2 community is fine, even if it's your own.
  • General social stuff.
  • Requests for help.
  • Anything specific for S1.
There are plenty of other places for this kind of thing. Also, this isn't really a place to post actual S2 tutorials; post them in the relevant layout communities or s2styles, and provide a link here.

The layout will probably change frequently, as I'll likely be using this community to test things. Please ignore, and if it's totally illegible at a given moment, use ?style=mine.

The maintainer is livredor. If you need to contact the maintainer directly, use her paid user email address.
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